Train Your Horse At Shooting Star Horse Farm

Whether you prefer the Western or English discipline we can assist in training your horse to improve responsiveness.

Expert Horse Training


We have over 20 years of experience. Whether you are a first time rider or an experience veteran, our staff will be able to evaluate your skills and help teach you how to communicate with your horse.

Establishing Relationships

All horse owners from time to time experience a difficulty in communicating with their horse. Great horse training always uses good communication, therefore our aim is to teach you a clear approach to connecting with your horse.

Training Outdoors & Indoors

No matter the weather, our trainer can still work with your horse at Shooting Star. With our spacious indoor facility and our outdoor arena, there are never limitations based on inclement weather.


A well-trained horse increases the value of the equine. Taking training lessons and developing your horse’s skills will increase the value of your horse.

Board With the Best Horse Farm in NC.

With over 200 acres of land, many stalls and a variation of riding trails Shooting Star Horse Farm is the perfect place for you and your horse.